Hurworth House, Newmarket, September. Design and Build: J Winter Landscapes Ltd
November 15, 2016

J Winter Landscapes was first contacted in February 2015 to look at this 1.5 acre garden. There was an existing house on site, which was to undergo a complete renovation and extension. Xa Tollemache had designed a master plan for the garden and our initial ask was to plant perimeter hedging before the building work to the house started and before the end of the bare root season.

We undertook some initial ground works in October 2015, however due to an extended building programme to the house, the main body of landscaping work did not start properly on site until April 2016.

Our first task was to grade the site to the new proposed levels, and prepare the ground around the old orchard for installation of the woodland garden. A mixture of semi-mature trees and shrubs, followed by thousands of perennials, were then planted. Next we focused on the approach to the house, before starting on the formal area between the terrace and the parkland. Sawn York stone was laid for the terrace while all lawn and planting interfaces had a mild steel edging.

Heavy clay subsoil made landscaping work tough going. It meant that weather conditions were critical when moving the large amounts of soil and preparing the ground for planting.

J Winter landscapes worked closely with the building contractor, Valiant and Son, to make sure the landscaping followed on closely behind their work. Over 5500 plants were introduced and 2500 m2 of turf was laid in the summer of 2016. The irrigation system installed throughout the garden was essential to ensure their establishment.